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So, I thought it would be nice if I told a little about me and my birth stories to get things going. I'll make it kinda short and simple so it doesn't get too boaring!

My first son, Thadeus, was born on Dec 30, 2000 in a hospital after 26 hours of labor! My mother, aunt, and Doula were there for his birth. After about 23 hours of labor, I got an IV to "take the edge off". Thad weighed 8.13.

Willem was born on Sept 24, 2003. He was born in a birth center after 2 weeks of "silent labor" one night of spinning babies class and 28 hours of labor. my husband, doula and 2 mid wifes were there. His birth was all natural, and he was almost born in the water. Willy weighed 9 and a half pounds!

My opinion is that hospitals are for sick people. If you are a healthy woman, and the pregnancy is normal, there is no reason you should be in a hospital. If I had been more informed, I would have had Thad in a birth center, and that is why I started this community.

So, if you want to share your birth story or ask questions or just talk about pregnancy and birth, here is a place to do it! I hope everyone will have fun, and please respect everyone's opinions and ideas! Thank you!

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